From zero to garden: Urban garden in 7 months

What is particularly close to my heart is to show in what short time and with how little use of money and building materials we have created this garden. Where previously there was a huge stony loamy fallow area, our Urban Paradise was created in just a few months. With every Saturday we have spent on our area from since almost a year ago, the garden has taken on more shape. For weeks, our work was ultimately only to create stones from A to B, to mix soil with the clay soil and to work out the rough structure of the garden.

Before the work began, we had drawn up a plan along which we hung along. It is not advisable to do just that at around 1,800sqm: detailed planning in advance was extremely important. This included the acquisition of sponsors and donations. For our garden we only had $5,000 available, which is not very much if you start from scratch.

Together we are stronger

At the beginning of the work we were already a relatively large group, consisting of the association of urban gardeners and the campus gardener. But many more helpers have joined us! Through our network, newspaper articles or Facebook groups, we tried to draw attention to ourselves and actually managed to bring more garden enthusiasts into our project. So we have become about 30 people who have taken care of the garden. Of course, not everyone can always come but through this amount of people had been on site at every time (and there were countless of them).

Even after the completion of the coarsest construction work (mid-April), the group dynamics have not slowed down. Quite the contrary, because now the most difficult and strenuous work was over and it went more and more towards planting vegetables, grilling, plucking weeds, harvesting and enjoying.

Each of us has contributed 100% of our knowledge from a wide range of fields (which was not just of a horticultural nature). In this way, we were not only able to set up incredible great projects and turn the garden into a real eye-catcher, but also profit from each other insanely. That’s exactly what the garden is for me.

The end is approaching

Although our garden will change again due to various construction works around us, but first we do not have to dismantle and pack. At the beginning of October there will be a big meeting with the city’s garden and construction office and hopefully we will find out how things can continue for us in the long term. The current situation is that we are allocated a compensation area on the site, where we are allowed to stay permanently. Of course, this would be a dream, because in this way we could develop a lively district garden.


How nice that you look over on my blog! Surely you are wondering who is actually behind Starshine Zone. I am Joy, 33 years old and my passion is DIY, gardening, and interior design.

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